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Study in Germany

Study In Germany

The international students’ guide to free-tuition education in Germany.

There are hundreds of universities in Germany that have free or very low fee tuition programs available for international students whether you want to study engineering, medicine, architecture, or business, Germany is the right place to combine high-quality education with a unique cultural experience is the main reason why young people from all around the world come to Germany.

Benefit from a high-quality educational system to help you advance your career learn a new language, make new friends and socialize with other students, and gain an amazing life experience to remember for years to come.

Living In Germany:

This informative page is an all-inclusive reference on how to live in Germany during your academic career. Your life in the country will be highly streamlined, where you have the advantages of a great hygienic everywhere lush green parks, and disciplined police. Students who are fond of living a life without choice in a systematic order will find themselves delighted with their experience.

Test Requirements:       

German is the language of Germany. However, note that it is not mandatory to learn the German language as few universities in Germany also provide education in English their courses require a minimum 6 or 6.5 IELTS band.

Expert Advice On Examination For Germany:

Getting admission in Germany is tough but not impossible. A Unique Abroad team of examination counselors will help you prepare for the same so that you obtain admissions to the university course of your dreams.

Part-Time Work:

The students are permitted to work along with their studies on a part-time basis. Students are allowed to work 20 hours off campus every week.

Job Seeker Visa For Germany:

Germany job seeker visa is a temporary residence permit for qualified skilled workers seeking employment. This permit allows the holder to stay in Germany for up to 6 months to look for employment.

If at the end of the six months, the applicant has found a place of employment, he/she can apply for a Germany work visa or a Germany work permit, which will allow them to work and live there.

University/College We offer:

  1. Arden University
  2. BSBI
  3. UE University of Applied Science
  4. Macromedia University
  5. New European College