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Study in Latvia

Study In Latvia

Latvia, a comparatively small country in North-Eastern Europe, on the east coast of the Baltic Sea and is bound by Belarus, Estonia Lithuania, and Russia is situated on a trade crossroads and has long since served as a bridge between Western Europe and Russia. Nearly one-third of the 2.3 million people population lives in Riga the capital of the country.



The people of Latvia speak Latvian, a language that has many similarities with Lithuanian, but not with the Estonian language.


In Latvia, there is both state-financed and fee-paying higher education. In order to single out the ablest students, whose studies are publicly financed, higher education institutions carry out a procedure of student selection. Latvia has two sorts of higher education programs – academic and professional (for example translators, bank staff, business lawyers, pilots, etc.). University-type higher education institutions offer both academic and professional education, while the “non – university type” institutions provide only professional education. Academic higher education in Latvia follows the Bologna system and is divided into three levels: bachelor’s studies, master’s studies, and doctoral studies. A Bachelor’s degree is received after three or four years of study, while a master’s degree is obtained on successful completion of the second phase of academic higher education, lasting one or two years. Only graduates holding a master’s degree or equivalent higher education diploma may take up doctoral studies. These last three to four years, involved advanced studies, examinations, and the preparation and defense of a doctoral thesis.


The students are permitted to work along with their studies on a part-time basis. Students are allowed to work 20 hours off–campus every week.